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Now, landlords can sell their unit to their tenants!

... or TIC Source can sell your vacant units to qualified buyers.  We are experts who can facilitate landlord to tenant sales, and guide you through the entire TIC sale transfer process, from preparing your units for TIC conversion to working with your tenant or prospective buyers to consummate a sale.  

Our Services

TIC Source provides comprehensive TIC sale transfer services to landlords who want to sell individual units of their multi-family or apartment.

Our Services

Landlord to Tenant Transfers

We will walk you through the entire TIC transfer process, from preparing your unit for TIC conversion, qualifying your tenant with TIC specific lenders, navigating the escrow process, and formulating the HOA.

TIC Real Estate


If you have a vacant unit ready to sell, we can initiate the process for TIC conversion and prepare your unit for a sale.  This includes listing your unit for sale and working with TIC specific lenders to qualify buyers. 


“One of my tenants had low rents and affected the value of my triplex.  So TIC Source helped me sell my other units while I negotiate with that tenant!  Very creative TIC Source!"

Scott Stein

- satisfied seller

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