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Landlord to Tenant Transfers

One option in recapturing equity from multi-family or apartment is to sell some units to existing tenants.  The way this is done is through a TIC sales transfer, where you can transfer or sell fractional interest of your property to your tenants. 


Now, more than ever, is a great opportunity for tenants to become owners, because TIC Source can help tenants qualify to purchase their unit from their landlord.  We will help connect tenants with TIC Lenders and help them through the approval process.  Tenants will have an opportunity to acquire a property they are already familiar with and not deal with the hassle of uprooting their family.  And they most likely will buy their unit at a discount!   With rents going higher and mortgage interest rates at their low point, it is a opportune time for tenants to invest in their own property.

Because of new California rent control regulations that took affect in January 2020, landlords have even less control over their property investments.  TIC sale transfers gives landlords an opportunity to recapture some of their investment capital, by selling units to their tenants!

TIC Source will guide you through the entire TIC transfer process, including:

     - Provide analysis with the valuation of units you intend to transfer. 

     - Coordinate with TIC lenders to help qualify your tenants.   

     - Work with attorneys in formulating an HOA

     - Navigate the TIC process with escrow and title.

Sell all or sell some of your units to your tenants.  Let TIC Source help you recapitalize your equity in your property.

TIC Source is licensed real estate company (lic. 01327139) and we only charge 1.5% commission on each unit you transfer to your tenants.  We do not charge the tenants any commission and we will not charge you for units you intend to keep. 

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