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TIC Real Estate Sales

Landlords have been hamstrung in their ability to get fair market values to sell their multi-family units or apartments.  Rent controls have restricted the valuation of their properties.  City regulations have made it extremely difficult to convert multi-family units to condominiums.  It seems like the odds are always stacked against multi-family and apartment investments.  

Luckily, a new trend in housing may provide landlords some relief - the TIC sale.  Although TIC sales transfer have been around for decades, just recently lenders are starting to provide funding for these types of transfer.  This allows the landlord to sell his units to existing tenants, qualified buyers, and practically anyone. 


Now, you can sell your units at valuation based on similar condominiums in the area.  This is huge because normally the value of the multi-family or apartment is restricted by the rental income of the property.  With rent control this pushes the value lower. 


But with TIC sales, landlords can maximize the value of their property by selling their units individually - similar to condominiums.  The TIC sales transfer is a great way to sell your units and get a better price.

TIC Source will guide you through the entire TIC transfer process, including:

     - Provide analysis with the valuation of units you intend to transfer  

     - Marketing your TIC units for sale  

     - Coordinating with TIC lenders to qualify prospective buyers

     - Work with attorneys in formulating an HOA

     - Navigate the TIC process with escrow and title

Sell all or sell some of your units to your tenants.  Let TIC Source help you recapitalize your equity in your property.

TIC Source is licensed real estate company (lic. 01327139) and we charge the standard 2.5% commission to list your property and work with you through the entire TIC process.  You may also need to pay a commission to the buyer's agent.  We will not charge you for units you intend to keep. 

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